Dr. Leon

AstroLabs, LLC (2016) is a direct outgrowth of the 15-year consulting sole proprietorship business of Dr. Leon Alkalai called Leon Alkalai Consulting (LAC). Leon has consulted in the areas of high-technology, miniaturized systems, business development and strategy, social media, etc. Past clients include PlanetReach Productions (2000, Mars media, education and outreach), Intellisis Corp. (2003-2005, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics), Willook Inc. (2010, Social Media), Resonate Inc. (2011-2014, Miniaturized rechargeable batteries for hearing aid devices), Dynamic Architectural Sciences Ltd. (2012-2015, smart buildings, Virtual Reality), Ignite USA (2012-2015, thermal modeling and design), World Expo Milan 2015 (2013-2014, Planet Earth Exhibit), SpaceIL Google/Xprize (2014-2015, Lunar Lander), Verrix LLC (2014-Present, Medical Devices), GAIA (2014-Present, Investment Consulting).

At JPL, Dr. Leon Alkalai is a leader in formulating advanced mission concepts in a NASA competitive environment. With over 27 years of experience at JPL, Dr. Leon Alkalai holds the recognition of a JPL Technical Fellow. He is a Full Member of the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) and recognized in the international space community. In 2012, he received the NASA Distinguished Individual Achievement Medal for the formulation of the GRAIL mission to the Moon (Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory) and for winning the NASA Discovery Competition for Solar System Exploration (2007). In 2012, he also won the subsequent NASA Discovery competition with the selection of the InSight mission to Mars which is scheduled to launch in March 2018. Leon is now leading the JPL VERITAS mission proposal to Venus.


Dr. Leon Alkalai